Confidence and Personal Development

We all need to be aware of our personal development, confidence, and effectiveness.And yet we often forget our successes, and sometimes lose touch with our inner resources. Since the moment we have become conscious we have been storing away positive memories and experiences in our unconscious. Sometimes the feelings of calm, confidence and connection simply need to be re-accessed and enhanced. At the same time you can rid yourself of the old baggage and inhibitions you no longer need.

We create our feelings by the way we think about, and evaluate events. Something happens, we think about it, we feel something, and then we behave in a certain way. So it follows that by changing our thoughts, we can change our feelings and even our behaviours. Having confidence is not the same as being arrogant; it is believing in ourselves and living up to our potential.

There have been times when you have felt a sense of being at your best. You know what that is like. Using hypnotherapy and NLP you will earn to anchor thoughts and feelings of courage and confidence so that you can access them whenever and wherever you wish. Soon they will become automatic responses. You can actually feel your own natural resources and power, and then make them even stronger. Set goals and well-formed outcomes. Take yourself to where YOU want to be.

I can help you increase confidence, authenticy and effectiveness using Hypnotherapy, NLP techniques, Coaching, and The Enneagram. For more information contact me on 01488-685151 or email

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“I found myself again, and I am better now than ever.” A.M. Swindon