The Enneagram:

is a comprehensive and precise system for self-knowledge and development.

It is a powerful tool for dis-identifying with unsatisfactory personal patterns, behaviours and old ways of thinking, for discovering what we may have thought was missing in our lives and for realising and expressing our greatest gifts and talents. This map of human consciousness identifies nine substantially different world views and personality types – each with their unique assets and challenges.

Once we understand our personality’s mechanisms, we begin to have a choice about identifying with them or not. We can create our own shifts and get back in touch with the truth of who we can be, as opposed to who we may have become. Working with the Enneagram is especially powerful when we find ourselves dissatisfied with the results of our lives, or with our ability to relate to, or have an impact on others. Individual struggles and challenges to growth become clear, manageable, light and enlightening.

The main premise of the Enneagram is that we  we are born with a dominant personality type, which largely determines the ways we learn to adapt and react.  But we are much more than our personality  because beyond its limitations each of us esists  in our essence– our individual spark of the Divine.  Too often we are out of touch with what and how we fundamentally are because our personality dominates  our awareness.  By bringing awareness to our personality it becomes more transparent, and we are able to function directly our of our essence.  The Enneagram shows us the box we are in………and then shows us the way out.

The Enneagram with Riso-Hudson Type Names

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