It is estimated that 25% of British couples experience fertility problems, and for nearly a third of the couples the infertility is “unexplained”. This frustrating diagnosis means that, despite thorough investigations, doctors can find no specific problems. The answer becomes one of looking deeper – at lifestyle, stresses and emotional blocks interfering with what should be the natural process of fertility.

Fertility, pregnancy and childbirth all rely on a state of confidence and calm. Negative self-talk about repetitive patterns, unpleasant memories, other people’s stories, or challenges and defeats can cause great stress and anxiety. When you become so worried that you allow a negative inner mind state to take over, you begin to realise self-fulfilling failure. Hypnotherapy transforms any fear and frustration you may be feeling, providing you with tools that enable you to achieve a state of confidence and calm. This is of prime importance in conception, pregnancy and childbirth.

“HypnoBirthing Fertility Therapy gave me the opportunity to relax, gain perspective and trust in myself during a very stressful time. I cannot recommend Tara enough; she was brilliant! I will continue to use the techniques she taught me; I have so far found them invaluable in other areas of my life as well.” A McK-S, Wiltshire

“I gave birth naturally… and I found the HypnoBirthing® techniques were extremely useful and helped me to have the birth I wanted. Many thanks.” SC, Hampshire

“HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method helped me tremendously through what others call a difficult birth. To me, it was just a miracle. I used the HypnoBirthing techniques that Tara taught me throughout my 18 hour labour, and that helped ease any anxiety I felt when they said the baby was in distress and I would need an emergency caesarean. I have since spoken to other mothers who were very negative about their caesarean, whereas HypnoBirthing helped me “go with the flow” and experience the most wonderful day of my life. Thank you, Tara, for empowering me with this wonderful technique.” RB Basingstoke


Hypnosis is a state in which the conscious mind is distracted or preoccupied, allowing a positive statement or suggestion to bypass the critical factor, and enter powerfully into the subconscious mind. During hypnotic trance a change occurs in the structure of the brain where the two halves of the brain are linked. Because of this change, more information flows from one side of the brain to the other than would normally be the case. Nerve cells in the part of the brain that controls habits lose some of their electrical charge, enabling one to become more receptive to change at this time. Through imagery and positive suggestion, new connections can be formed among the nerve cells, creating desired results such as stress and anxiety reduction and the elimination of negative emotions, anticipatory fears and depressive thoughts. Negative feelings( anguish, guilt, shame, fear, regret etc.) left unexpressed and/or unresolved hold considerable energy which can block conception. Though the conscious mind might resolve to forget, or move past an incident, the unconscious mind is in conflict. The sympathetic nervous system is on guard, overriding the body’s natural tendency toward balance. As this condition becomes chronic, the parasympathetic system, concerned with conservation of energy and restoration, is unable to fulfil its regenerative duties.. Lack of vitality (a natural result of disharmony between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems) and a variety of stress-related symptoms ensue, including “unexplained fertility”. It is important to reduce all these states and increase confidence and faith in the natural process of conception in order to normalise pregnancy and birth.

Consider the fact that by using imagery: you CAN affect the white blood cell count on patients undergoing chemotherapy; you CAN reduce blood pressure; you CAN even perform surgery without anaesthesia. The mind affects the body in more ways than we can even imagine, and as a result hypnotherapy is increasingly becoming a sought-after approach in fertility today. Studies have indicated that “infertile” women utilising mind/body techniques have a 42 – 55% conception rate as compared to 20% for those not following this protocol. A 1992 study found that women who participated in mind/body therapy experienced a 34% conception rate as compared to 20% with Invitro Fertilisation alone. Decreased levels of depression, anxiety and anger were also noted.

Hormonal problems often contribute to conception issues. . Hypnosis affects the hypothalamus which is sensitive to stress and acts as a bridge between the emotional and physical. The neurochemical barrage that is associated with the “fight or flight” response in all human bodies, and which can be triggered by a threat to self-esteem or dignity, translates in the body as contraction of the muscles and a release of “emergency” hormones throughout the body. The body is under alarm, energy is directed away from areas the brain considers to be unimportant to achieving the flight or fight. Unfortunately the reproductive system is the most expendable. Once a chronic imbalance of the autonomic nervous system is created, only the regular and consistent practice of relaxation will facilitate the restoration of the parasympathetic system. Hypnotherapy provides an effective means of establishing that restoration and enables women to create a state of health and safety that is essential for reproduction to occur and be maintained.

By addressing the psychological issues surrounding pregnancy, emotional messages no longer turn into physical responses that affect hormone levels. Restoration of hormonal balance and eventual pregnancy may occur by utilisation of hypnotic techniques and implementation of positive lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise

The HypnoBirthing Fertility Program supports the entire fertility process (natural or medically assisted) for optimal results. Hypnosis is well recognised for its effectiveness in smoking cessation, weight control, stress release, and general habit changing. Interestingly, these same issues pose the biggest threats to fertility. The program supports the lifestyle changes and thought patterns necessary for optimum health and well- being for parents and for their babies, as well as addressing fertility directly.

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