Deep Coaching

Being identified with one’s automatic way of living is the easiest and most natural thing in life. We are heavily conditioned to think that how we do life is life itself.

Deep Coaching uses the Enneagram to see through the outer, familiar ‘noise’ that crowd out so much of reality, and recognize core internal patterns that consistently recreate old stories about ‘who I am’ and shape how I ‘do life.’ When we begin to learn about our usual set of strategies for getting our needs met, meeting challenges, and coping with stressors, we see that these strategies take up the vast majority of life, leaving little room for a fresh or creative response.

Deep Coaching Institute


Deep Coaching and the Enneagram

Learning to unhook from these typically hidden patterns provides a powerful key to becoming free from unnecessary constrains and to become free to choose new possibilities from an expanded sense of self. Seldom are we able to unhook from our patterns by ourselves, because they feel like ‘who we are,’ and they are not open to questioning.

When an issue or topic is being avoided in a coaching conversation or a client’s life it consumes precious energy and creates unnecessary tension, stress and constriction. Deep Coaching affirms that each and every person has a unique and specific doorway to inner work. Approaching each type from the perspective of Essential Nature, and working from a foundation of presence, compassion and acceptance, Deep Coaching helps clients acknowledge and accept what shows up. Underlying patterns of personality are seen as just that – patterns rather than flaws or defects – and clients become intrigued, free and integrated.