Hypnotherapy Helps Children

• The most common challenge is some kind of anxiety or fear. These situations include performance anxiety (test-taking, public speaking, sports); medical or dental visits, and also ongoing medical interventions for chronic illness; school phobia; and such common but often terrifying fears as fear of the dark.The enhancement of feelings of confidence and a sense of self-efficacy has been found to be a powerful tool in working with a great diversity of childhood problems. By learning to access feelings of calm, confidence and comfort, children can learn to overcome school phobia, separation anxiety, shyness,  stuttering, fear of failure, insomnia and many other daily concerns.Hypnotherapy helps with anything that involves letting go of problematic memories.

• Hypnotherapy helps with pediatric asthma and a wide range of medical problems.

• Hypnotherapy helps with nightmares, sleep problems and bed-wetting.

Hypnotherapy Can Help In The Following Areas

Spirit: It can help with post-traumatic stress; creativity; boundary issues; adoption issues.

Body: It can help stuttering; sports; bleeding and pain including menstrual cramps; asthma; skin problems; enuresis; headaches; pre and post-surgery; comfort during terminal illness.

Mind: It can help issues like, “I hate arithmetic” and other beliefs about oneself which block learning, growth and healthy self-esteem.

Emotions: It can help with difficulty accepting a new sibling, or a divorce; death of a pet, friend or family member; trauma of a car accident, fire or assault; fears and phobias, which are numerous in some children.

Social: It can help with friendship skills; setting healthy boundaries with bullies and with friends.

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